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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Rachael gave a small smile as Mirabella invited her in the house. She took a quick look around the room. It looked very lovely. Mirabella's family must have had some serious taste or could afford a good interior decorator. Either way, Rachael felt very welcomed.

Mirabella then pointed out the area Rachael could sit, as well as where the food was. Rachael nodded and made her way to the food, setting the present on the counter. She grabbed a cup and poured herself a cup of coffee. As she began to add some cream and sugar, she took a look at the spread. It looked like Mirabella's parents really planned a fancy party for her. It felt more like they were gathering at an event at a country club than a teenager's birthday.

Rachael took the coffee and the present and made her way to the living room. She wasn't feeling hungry yet, so she'd help herself to the food later. She sat down on one of the couches, making sure to not spill the coffee as she did.

"Thank you for the invitation," she said, placing the present on the floor. "You have a nice home."

Rachael took a quick sip of coffee. It looked like she was the first to arrive, and she wondered who else would come.
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