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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Rachael Langdon continued from Exposition-->Rising Action))

Wow. This is Mirabella's house?

Rachael stood outside and gazed at the house before her. She never realized that Mirabella lived in such a nice house. She particularly liked the rose bushes out front. She always thought that houses that had rose bushes looked the most fantastic. It made her feel like she was stepping into a fairy tale.

Rachael was a bit surprised to receive an invitation to Mirabella's party. She had always gotten along with Mirabella in school and in Writing Club, but she never imagined that she would get invited to her birthday. Rachael figured Mirabella would have friends she'd think of before Rachael. Still from the elegance of the invitation, Rachael assumed Mirabella was trying to be as open as possible. It was her eighteenth birthday, the first real birthday a child had when they gained actual adult responsibilities like voting and enlisting in the military. Rachael wouldn't be eighteen until May, so she imagined it was an exciting birthday. Plus, it might be fun to go to the party.

Rachael hadn't spent that much time preparing for the party. It took one day of shopping for her to find everything she would need for the party. She found a knee length white dress with a light green leaf print at the mall along with a dark green cardigan. For Mirabella's gift, she knew that the girl was really into writing, probably as much as Rachael was, so Rachael found her a nice leather bound journal and a good pen to go with it. She hoped Mirabella would appreciate it.

Rachael felt she was adequately prepared for the party, having spent the morning getting herself dressed and ready to go. She doubted she'd stay the entire time (part of her wondered if they really had enough planned for twelve hours), but she would at least attempt to make the most of this day.

Rachael had reached the door of Mirabella's house. She held the bag containing her present in one hand as she raised her other hand to knock on the door. She stepped back a bit and waited to be let in.

Okay, let's have some fun. It's going to be a good day.
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