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Naomi fluttered her hand in dismissal over the point about the Miranda Rights. "It isn't relevant at all. You're the one who dragged it into this discussion. I simply meant that the ending to that book irritated me because it didn't fit with the storyline, not because it falsely reflected truths of the world or something else roundabout. Good writing should stick with a tone and not bounce the other direction in the last chapter, that's all. The comment about the main character liking the Bible was merely an aside. But that story is... well, just that. A story." Naomi held back the words, 'then again, so is the Bible.'

She was annoyed with his tone. He sounded as polite as ever, albeit talking in a lower voice (Naomi didn't think the tone suited him) but he was getting much more accusatory. Now Naomi was apparently calling his beliefs invalid. Which... okay, yes, that's what she thought. But he clearly thought the same about hers, seeing as the first thing he'd done upon hearing she was an atheist was try to drag her off to church. He made it sound like she'd told him everything he believed was stupid out of the blue. And she'd been mostly holding those thoughts inside her head.

"I don't mean to call your form of belief invalid. I just wanted to explain the reasons why I, personally, don't believe in it. I didn't order you to believe there wasn't a god. You're free to believe whatever you like," she said coolly. "All I ask is that you return the favour and respect my beliefs as well. I think that's fair."

Naomi smiled, though the smile was completely devoid of warmth. She decided was safe from this causing any bad rumours about her being close-minded. If Paris tried to explain it to people, they'd likely zone in on the fact that the first thing he did while getting coffee with a pretty girl was try to convert her to Christianity. Paris already had a reputation for being religious, so it would mesh with their previous knowledge of him. If he tried to explain what had happened, he'd look worse than her.

She couldn't help but add, "For the record? I wouldn't try to convert another girl until at least the third time you've gone somewhere with her. Not everyone appreciates it."

Explains why he didn't have a girlfriend.
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