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"Then I assume you go to the legislature personally to make sure that they do their jobs and they are supposed to and you read all legislation that is passed in its entirety to make sure that the law is as others say it is, then?"

His drink was fairly forgotten by this point, laying idly in front of him.

"And you know certainly that the things written that you hold true in accordance with your laws, written over two hundred years ago appear exactly as they were intended and written by some men long dead that you've never known?"

Paris smiled his knife sharp smile.

"You have your own faith with your own rules just as I have mine. You don't see it as much, but it's there. So why is mine less valid than yours?"

He leaned forward a bit, his voice, normally deep but smooth, taking on an especially low timbre.

"And you are being disingenuous with your examples, dear Naomi. Saying that someone who is a delinquent likes the Bible, who probably only likes it for the violence present, as a way to try and discredit an argument is like saying that Miranda rights are for the degenerate because someone only liked Miranda v Arizona because of the rape and murder aspect."

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