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"No, but see... I'm not under the impression that we don't need rules. We do. Without them, society would collapse. But there's a difference between rules that are decided upon by a government, with input from a democratic system, then there is from rules thought up by a group of men who think they're enacting the will of a God."

Naomi was getting far more into this than she'd intended. The inner debater inside her liked pleasant arguments where there was nothing at stake. All that would happen if she lost was that she'd get dragged along to a Sunday of boredom, and that would hardly affect her life in general. So she met his gaze squarely as she tried to argue her point.

"I mean, say that there is a god. How can we know what he wants us to do if he never directly tells us? All we have to go on are the estimates of men who believe in him. Even if God truly spoke to the men who wrote the Bible, I'm sure they mangled parts to their own ends. Plus, it's been thousands of years since the Bible was written, so parts have likely been changed around. The Catholic religion is just interpreting what they think God would want.

"So, since you brought up the comparison to laws... well, I wouldn't trust a president who no-one ever saw, and who lived in the clouds all day while everyone else tried to guess what he wanted. So why would I choose to believe in or trust a god who, at his core essentials, does that same thing?"

Naomi raised her coffee cup, but before drinking added, "And my frustration with that book's ending is because there was no reason for him to suddenly turn good. And for the record, the main character of A Clockwork Orange loved the Bible. If for all the wrong reasons."
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