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"It's different than other communities because the people are bound together not only by their belief which is a personal thing and quite strong, but as well by common practices and ideals. I doubt you could say that about your neighborhood home owners association," he said with a bit of a laugh.

"You are right that there are other types of communities of course, but this is a special sort. Since you admit that neither you nor your family has first hand experience with it, well, I suppose it makes sense that you would characterize it as such. That's alright though, if you aren't exposed then it's hard to have an accurate impression."

Paris leaned forward just slightly. His look didn't waver, though seemed to be running over her as if looking for something.

"I think that the codes are something that give good people reinforcement and less kind people guidelines. What about laws, Naomi? Wouldn't you say that it doesn't speak very well for a society that needs laws in order to make sure that people don't do bad things? What does it say about one that does? And in any case, I think that deep down, you agree guidelines are necessary. What about your young man from your book? Weren't you so miffed when he suddenly became good of his own accord because it didn't fit? Because people don't just switch like that? Because you think that he needed those perimeters that were placed on him to be good?"

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