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"No, none of my family is religious, at least to my knowledge," Naomi said. She grabbed her coffee and took another long sip of it, trying to delay the rest of her response. Because she really didn't want to be dragged off to a church. She didn't have to listen to a priest ramble on about God to know that she wasn't going to like it.

Issue was that she couldn't say she was busy, because he hadn't specified which Sunday. Just 'some' Sunday. She couldn't reply with 'I'm busy every Sunday and there's no possible way to clear my schedule.' That was far too transparent. She also couldn't just say no, because then he'd think she was close-minded.

So rather than answer whether she'd like to come along, she honed in on the rest of what he'd said.

"How is a religious community different from any other sort of community? It isn't necessary to believe in a god to form a community, because every person belongs to several communities, regardless of beliefs. I doubt kindness and respecting parents relies on believing in a god, either." Naomi took another sip of coffee and added, "If someone is only kind because of religion, I would imagine that says something very negative about them."

Naomi paused for a couple of seconds, thinking on this point, before saying, "God doesn't have to tell me to respect my parents, because I already do. They're intelligent, respectable people and I have nothing to be ashamed of. And perhaps it's none of my business... but you didn't seem to respect your father very much, judging by your description of him earlier. So religion doesn't seem to make a difference in that regard, either."
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