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Paris' expression softened as he listened, leaning his tiled head against a hand.

"Fossils and faith aren't mutually exclusive. I think maybe you've just kind of got the wrong idea about it. I'm guessing none of your family is really much into it either. The idea of someone watching over is supposed to be comforting. Not so much a scary dude who watches you when you pig out on pizza, but someone who deals with ultimate justice. Good people don't have to worry about Him because they are rewarded."

His voice was kind and gentle as he spoke. He seemed completely and utterly sincere.

"It's about having a code to live by and believing in something bigger than yourself which leads to a sense of community. In having faith you automatically have a whole, huge family of people who share a common identity and believe that's based on a really nice code; being nice to others, respecting parents. If you want, you could come with me some Sunday to see what it's about. Being someone who values empirical evidence, it would only make sense you experience something personally before dismissing it."
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