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Gwen had agreed to go out for gelato...


Maynard, say something!

"There's someplace downtown that sells it, I think. It's really flash, uh...I think it's near the movie theatre. But, y'know, if there's somewhere else you wanna go to then I'd be fine with that, y'know..."

He trailed off, and began wringing his hands together. He was glad for an interjection on Gwen's part, a reply to his inquiry of her favourite genre.

"Romance, huh? Yeah, those are pretty cool, I guess. A bit too fluffy for me, but I agree with you on the 'nothing in common' thing. I guess holding hands is pretty cool though. Uh..."

Maynard, stop it...just...stop...talking...


Where did that thing about holding hands come from anyway?


Reply to her question, silly!

"Well, fantasy's my favourite, really. Epic fantasy. It's really all I talk about in book club at school. Uh...it's that, really. But there are some series that have so many mixtures of genres that I guess there's nothing that I wouldn't say no to, y'know?"
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