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Gwen was glad there'd been no issue about her remarkably tasteless joke. Maynard certainly seemed to be a nice guy, and Gwen wondered if he might be interested in spending time with her later.

Then he dropped another chivalrous bomb. Gwen was surprised; she didn't know of a lot of people who'd pay for someone's book if they barely knew them. Still, it was a very kind thing to offer, so Gwen didn't want to be rude to him.

Gwen smiled. "Oh, that's sweet of you. Don't worry about it, I'll buy the book myself. But thank you for offering, it's really selfless of you." She stood from the chair. "I'm just gonna go buy it, then I'll come right back."

Gwen walked up to the cashier, a kindly older woman who was friends with the couple who owned the store. "Hi there. May I purchase this book?" She asked. Of course she could, so she pulled out her wallet and quickly counted out the money.
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