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Gwen seemed to have been struck with hysterics...Maynard didn't quite know why. He supposed that the first fit of laughter was due to his random quasi-knightly behaviour, but the second...he couldn't tell.

He grinned, and sat in the vacant chair. This was nice, he thought. He'd never really had anybody to discuss poetry with, and his attempts at talking about vegetarianism with his parents were mostly met with blank stares.

"...But I'll admit that I, too, once wrote about girls I had crushes on."

Maynard gulped. Had he heard her right? Well, truthfully, he hadn't seen her with any boys in that manner, and she was so sweet that he couldn't imagine any crush of hers being unreciprocated-

"Oh, sorry. I'm not against homosexuality; if anything I'm all for it. I'm not a lesbian, but I don't care who you love or how as long as you do it kindly, and I see no evidence that GLBT people can't love as much or more than heterosexuals. Do you agree?"

Ah, it was a joke, of course...he needed to be better at picking that stuff up.

"Yeah, I completely agree! I mean, I'm not gay myself...I can see how my-"

-He flicked his arms dramatically-

"Ever-so-enviable fashion sense and perpetual lack-of-girlfriend might make some people think otherwise, but I wholeheartedly agree with you on all of those points. I think it's good how kids can be more open about that stuff now."

He paused. It was an odd thought, but it had just flitted into his head...

"Hey, uh...Gwen...about that book. If you want, I could pay for it."
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