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Gwen laughed. Maynard was a real cutie, even if he was a bit odd. They were surprisingly alike, though, which was a definite plus.

"Thank you, kind sir." she said, seating herself. She broke into giggles at this. Eventually, when she was calmer, she continued. "But yes, I do like poetry. I write it on occasion, when I find myself in the mood. I don't have a particular preferred pattern; mostly I simply write it the way I like." She laughed again; she sounded so damn formal!

"I like writing about that stuff, too. Especially nature; natural stuff is really beautiful." She looked at Maynard seriously. "But I'll admit that I, too, once wrote about girls I had crushes on." She felt bad at that point; she was no homophobe of course, but maaaaybe the joke didn't come out right.

She looked at him apologetically. "Oh, sorry. I'm not against homosexuality; if anything I'm all for it. I'm not a lesbian, but I don't care who you love or how as long as you do it kindly, and I see no evidence that GLBT people can't love as much or more than heterosexuals. Do you agree?"

Gwen hoped she didn't sound offensive; it was a controversial topic to bring up to someone who was more-or-less a stranger, and she did it pretty bluntly.
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