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Maynard's description of his vegetarianism seemed to match Gwen's own ruling. Either that, or she was just being polite. He felt more comfortable around her now, and she seemed like someone to speak her mind if she disagreed with something, so he settled on the former.

Gwen had motioned towards a set of chairs, and Maynard nodded. He wasn't the most active kid, and the walk there had drained him of most of his energy. As he strode towards one of them, he began to respond to her question.

"Do you write a lot of poetry?"

Ooh, she was interested! Oh...what to say-

"Well, I do, kinda. It's sonnets, mostly. I started when I was fourteen, and most them were about girls I crushed on and stuff. Oh, they were awful, really. Now I'm trying to do more sophisticated subjects, like the afterlife and nature...I'm hesitant to experiment, I think. It's mostly the same structure for everything. It's cool, how...how we have so much in common. Do you write much poetry yourself?"

A strange feeling of chivalry entered him, and he dramatically pulled one of the chairs into a more convenient position.

"For you, m'lady."

Oh, Maynard...she might put up with your weirdness, but don't you think this is being a little more odd than usual?
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