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Gwen nodded at his description of his vegetarianism. That was pretty much exactly how she was, though she was occasionally lenient on the free-range aspect if she couldn't find them. Eggs were too good to pass up on.

Gwen watched Maynard get very excited. He was surprisingly spunky for someone who'd appeared so timid earlier. Gwen thought he was kind of cute, in a dorky way. Gwen sighed; she'd walked to the store, and she wished she could take a seat.

"Oh, found poetry? That can be interesting; I've tried that a couple times. It's kind of tricky to get it to work together perfectly, but if you do it right it can be really fun to read. Do you write a lot of poetry?"

Gwen cracked her neck again. "Sorry, do you mind if we sit over there?" Gwen gestured to a pair of overstuffed chairs nearby. "I'm kind of tired from the walk."
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