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"Are you a vegetarian too?"



Gwen was one? Another "vege-head", as his father called them...

They weren't exactly non-existent in this town, but it was a surprise nonetheless....

"Ah, yeah, yeah I am! Uh...a proper one? Or...uh...well, I don't eat fish or chicken, but I drink milk, and eat eggs. But only free range ones. So...you're a vegetarian as well? That's freaking awesome!"

Maynard hoped he wasn't being too overly-enthusiastic all of a sudden. And she seemed rather shocked by his sudden rattling off hobbies. Maybe he should stop talk-

"Uh...do you think they have any vegetarian cookbooks here? I was thinking of doing one of those found poems, y'know? I was clearing out my old boxes and found a bunch of sonnets, and thought that I should change subject matter."

Oh. Apparently his mouth didn't want to stop talking, however much his mind wanted it to. He hoped that Gwen didn't find it off-putting, like so many others did.
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