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Gwen was surprised by the sudden rant. He'd seemed pretty quiet before. Still, he'd mentioned some interesting things. Gwen hadn't heard of "Wheel of Time", though. She figured he needed printer ink.

"I see," Gwen said. A delay tactic. Give herself a chance to figure out the other stuff he was talking about.

Manga? Gwen was somewhat sure that that was a kind of Asian comic or something. Meh. Gwen wasn't big on comics. Poetry was surprising. He seemed awfully shy to be writing out slam-style poetry, so Gwen assumed he just wanted to read it. Gwen preferred writing or ranting it, but she could get behind that.

Gwen found an awful lot of conversational topics that Maynard described, but she picked out one quickly enough to make the pause seem pretty short.

"Oh, vegetarian cookbooks? Are you a vegetarian, too? What kind?" Gwen titled her head slightly to stretch her neck. Her violet bangs fell into her eyes and she shook them away.
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