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Gwen had laughed at the rushed utterance he had made about his name. So...she thought it was a joke? He could live with that.

Aww, jeeze, I hope she doesn't expect me to be a comedian or something...

She paused. It was so short...but still, maybe she was-

"You know, I haven't actually got any other ideas. If you say it's gotten good reviews, maybe I'll check it out."

Oh. So she wasn't leaving. Yay!

"So, were you looking for a book? There's a lot of nice ones here."

"Um...well, I...uh...I don't know, really. I guess I was gonna ask them if they had any ink...I'm kinda running low on supplies. Or manga. It's a long shot, them having some here, but you never know, do you? Also...uh...well, I was thinking of buying the Wheel of Time series. I've got the first book, but there's so many of them, and they're so popular...it'd be better to collect them all, y'know? And, and then if there's any vegetarian cookbooks, or...uh...poetry, then I guess I'll be leaving this place with a bare wallet!"

That was probably the longest thing he'd ever said to a member of the opposite sex that wasn't related to him. Hmm. Maybe he was getting better.
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