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"M-something, right?"

Heh. That was cute.

That was in my head, right? Yes? Good.

Gwen (he was certain it was Gwen, now. Unless she was just being über-polite or something-)

Maynard, people don't just let people think their name's something else. Her name's Gwen, 'kay?

Gwen held up the book that she had been looking at before Maynard had approached her: Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

It was a new one, right? Only released a few weeks ago...

"By the way, would you say that this is a good book? It looked interesting, but I'm not sure it's really "me", you know what I mean? And I can only afford one book, so I want to make it count."

Maynard blinked, and paused. Perhaps a little too long...

"Uh, yeah. Yeah, my name's Maynard. Although, you can call me M-something if you want..."

Wait, Maynard...what did you just...

"Um...uh...well, uh...anyway, I haven't actually read that book. I've read a few reviews, though, and apparently it's really good. What else were you considering buying?"
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