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Felt wallet in hand, Maynard haphazardly approached the bookstore before him. He wasn't a regular customer here, but the wad of banknotes he had gained through Grandma Jayne for an early birthday present needed spending, and Maynard was feeling adventurous.

He'd left early that morning, alone. His father had come down with a minor sniffle, and his mother had insisted upon looking after him, so he had free movement, really. Loosening the garishly-decorated scarf his mother had thrust upon him as he rushed out of the house, Maynard slowly pushed open the door of the family-owned shop, a bell signaling his presence.

It was empty, mostly. Save for those working at the counter, and a girl standing beside a nearby shelf.

She looked his age, and-



It was...Gwendolyn, right? Gwendolyn...O'Connor...

She was a nice enough girl, but they hadn't talked too much; a curt nod in the school hallway seemed the limit of their communication. And, hey, not many pretty girls of his age could be found in a bookshop on a Sunday morning, right? She couldn't be too bad...

Taking a perhaps-too-loud cough, he shuffled towards her.

"Hey! Gwendolyn...Gwen, right?"
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