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Gwen liked books.

Books were a fun, casual way to pass a lazy Sunday. Gwen enjoyed the eponymous "curl up by the fire with a good book on a Saturday evening" as much as the next girl, of course.

She just...didn't have much time for books. Especially with preparing for senior year, Ann was pushing her extra-hard to do well. Still, Gwen wasn't about to let something like an overbearing mom crush her ability to enjoy literature. Thus, Gwen was in a small, family-owned bookstore on a Sunday she was free, hoping to find something that caught her eye.

One book did. "Daughter of Smoke and Bone." Gwen muttered. She picked up the book, intrigued by the masquerade cover. She looked at the inside cover; she wasn't big on fantasy, which this book appeared to be about, but the main character was an art student; maybe it'd be good.

She her wallet from her little black purse; she had juuust enough money to buy it. Gwen was seriously tempted, but at the same time, she was unsure of whether or not she'd end up liking it.

Maybe she could get a second opinion...
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