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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Oh, by the U.S. and China, I meant that they've taken over. According to the episode, the U.S. and China merged into one superpower called The Alliance, and all of humanity had left Earth to colonize the universe. The result of that is a clear Chinese influence on a lot of the culture. The characters will also at times use Chinese phrases mixed in with English."

Gwen's question about aliens sort of surprised her. Claire figured it made sense to ask about that since it was a science fiction series.

"I don't think there are any actual aliens in this series," Claire mentioned. "There were some monsters called Reavers that appeared in the pilot. Apparently, they're horrible creatures that rape, kill, eat, and wear the skin of their victims. The episode didn't show what they look like though, something that actually makes them kind of mysterious though, in an unpleasant 'what the fuck is this thing?' kind of way."

"But other than that, it seems that it's all just humans in the series. I need to watch the next few episodes to see if that's the case."
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