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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Eh, don't worry about it. There's nothing wrong with being a teacher," Claire said. "My sister is a teacher, and they're very valuable."

"Anyways, the characters. There are nine main characters in the series. There's Mal, the captain, Zoe, his first mate, Jayne, the fighter, Wash, the pilot, Kaylee, the mechanic, Inara, the companion, Book, the preacher, Simon, the doctor, and River, Simon's sister. The first six are a team already aboard the Serenity, the ship the characters fly on. The first six are mostly established through their jobs, but also have some quirks with how they go about, like Wash playing with some dinosaur toys near the controls of the ship, or Kaylee sitting in a chair with her hair in buns and holding a parasol in order to get passengers to carry on the ship."

"The other three are less easily defined, but we see that Book has some issues with Inara's job being a legal and classy form of prostitution, Simon shows actual concern for his sister, but River is harder to define since she's said to have been experimented on. I'm guessing these three will be more developed as the series progresses."

"So, long story short, we're given a sense on how the first group would work together as they sail on their ship, and the new characters come in and force them to act to new situations, like when Kaylee gets shot and Simon threatens to let her die unless they protect him and River from the Alliance."

"I guess I should just write that kind of stuff down, huh?"
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