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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Poetry sounds neat. I've never been good at it though. I mostly prefer screenwriting or criticism. That just comes a lot more easily to me."

Gwen left to get her drink. While Gwen was gone, Claire decided to get back to her review. She closed the Twitter page and went back to her review. She quickly highlighted the part of her text where she slammed her hands on the keyboard before preparing to continue writing.

Okay, let's go point by point. Things that need to be discussed: characters, setting, story. You've already raved about how you liked all of those things, but you need to go into detail. Let's see, character. Everyone seems pretty well established, although River is still a bit of a mystery. Everyone also has at least one moment to establish who they are, like Wash playing with the dinosaur toys. That's pretty good, I'll start there.

Claire began to type away on her keyboard. The last time she checked, she could average about seventy words per minute. She hoped she could keep up to that record.
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