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"No, I haven't, actually, but maybe I oughta check it out. Is it actually about fireflies?" Gwen was still expecting a rant, but at least it might be about something interesting. Gwen liked fireflies.

Something Claire said struck her again. "Oh, yeah, writer's block? That sucks. I hate it when I can't express myself; it's just annoying." She paused for a moment, trying to remember what she always did when she had writer's block. She bounced slowly on the balls of her feet, luckily avoiding losing her balance.

"You know," she started, "sometimes it helps to read what you've got so far, to try and sort of build up momentum again. But if that doesn't work, maybe you could look up some other reviews and see what you agree or disagree with, and go from there?"

Gwen didn't read a whole lot of movie reviews; she preferred to form her own opinion. So she wasn't sure what kind of things people did in reviews, but hopefully her advice was valid.
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