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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Well, guess I'll do what I usually do when I stall when writing a review: go to another website. Maybe there's something interesting on Twitter.

Claire began to type on her computer and soon found herself on Twitter. She began to absentmindedly scroll down the page, hitting the spacebar to quickly move past each tweet. Most of the people Claire followed on Twitter were entertainment sources and critics, such as Roger Ebert and Entertainment Weekly. It didn't look like there was anything that interesting though, so she continued to hit the spacebar in hopes of finding something worthy of her attention.

Man, Twitter is full of shit today. Seriously, is there anything that might be remotely interesting.

Just then, Claire heard a voice call out to her. She turned and saw a purple-haired girl standing near her. Claire knew this girl was Gwen O'Connor. They'd shared a class at some point, but Gwen had a unique look to her, so it wasn't likely she'd forget who this girl was.

"I'm fine. Just trying to start a review series, but I'm losing focus and having issues getting my thoughts on the page. Have you ever watched Firefly? I'm trying to review each episode of the series."
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