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Gwen O'Connor was having a rough day, to say the least.

It was relatively early, but she'd already gotten into a fight with her mom. It had been stupid to start; why didn't you do the laundry like you're supposed to? it had rapidly devolved from, "chores-forgetting" into, "I do so much for you and this is how you repay me?!" Gwen took this as a cue to leave quickly.

So, as she gingerly sipped her hot cocoa, doodling absently on a napkin (she'd forgotten to take her bag of miscellaneous materials in her rush to avoid further conflict), Gwen wondered how other people dealt with this kind of thing. She wasn't up to arguments, so she tended to run from them. But not everyone did that; some people held their ground and fought back.

Gwen wondered what went through their mind when they decided, "I'm going to start yelling at this person who is yelling at me" or whatever.

Speaking of people who would stand their ground, Claire Monaghan was sitting a table over there, working on a laptop. Well, perhaps that wasn't a fair descriptor. But then, Gwen didn't exactly have a great deal of fondness of Claire. Gwen distinctly remembered that Claire's glasses were fake for the sake of fashion. As a person who had genuinely bad vision, Gwen found this tendency to be a nuisance. Her talkative nature also tended to grind Gwen's nerves when she just wanted silence.

Still, Claire wasn't a bad girl, and she did seem to know some interesting trivial facts on occasion.

Gwen was tempted to stand and speak to the girl, out of bored curiosity and a secret desire for mindless conversation. Plus, if she did so, she might make a friend from a sort-of-enemy (though more of just a person she didn't know well enough). On the negative side, she might get monologue'd at.

After a brief moment of consideration, Gwen stood, pushed her chair in, and made her way to the table.

"Hey, Claire." Gwen said, offering a grin that probably looked really stupid. "How're you doing?"
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