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Was it just her, or was the room chillier all of a sudden?

Naomi considered whether to go into detail about why she chose atheism. He already seemed... not angry, exactly, but... less cheerful, certainly. Naomi drank some more of her coffee to buy some time as she considered what to say. She couldn't exactly go 'just kidding, I believe all your ridiculous ideas about omnipresent deities.' She supposed if she didn't explain, she'd just come off as one of those plebeians who denounced important issues that they knew absolutely nothing about. Paris couldn't very well get annoyed if she explained her opinion in a calm and rational manner.

"I'm just not one to believe in something with no proof. I wouldn't believe there had been dinosaurs if fossils didn't prove or at least imply such a thing. I have never heard substantial proof of any religion, including Christianity. I know faith is centered around believing without solid proof, but... it's just something I'm unable to do. Nor something I particularly strive to believe in, as I find the idea of an omnipresent deity watching and guiding every move we make to be... disquieting."

Naomi took another sip of her coffee and quickly added, "Though I do see that it would reasonably appeal to some people." She didn't want to end just by saying 'your ideas make me uncomfortable.' That'd just be rude.
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