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Naomi didn't seem very receptive suddenly. She expressed her atheism as Paris was ringing the biscotti plate with his finger again. Round and round until she'd spoken and then suddenly his long index finger arched and his nail scraped against the ceramic noiselessly and then stopped. Paris bit his lip for a moment. He sat up a little straighter and pushed his slightly wavy hair away from his face.

"Sure. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion."

Paris smiled at her just like he'd smiled at her before. Not unusual as he was frequently smiling. And though his smile was the same there was something intangibly different about the way that he smiled. His large, deep eyes seemed a little more defined due to the narrowing of his dark lashes.

Paris tilted his head to one side and his gaze moved over the girl across from him. His smiled had faded a little while he looked over her.

"If you don't mind me asking, what brought you to that conclusion?"

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