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Naomi was surprised to see the sudden depression on Paris' face, which was even more disconcerting because it went away as quickly as it came. The downcast expression, she simply didn't understand. Someone's father being overly indulgent wasn't a cause for that much sadness. Annoyance, yes, but sadness?

Although he had said 'was.' Either dead or now rejecting hedonism. The sad expression suggested the former.

The rest of what he said... well, Naomi considered it all to be a big pile of meadow dressing. How was some omnipresent giant that she'd never met running her life a source of comfort? Of course, she couldn't say that out loud.

“Well, I suppose that makes sense.” As much sense as that moron Veveris worshiping his stupid bicycle. “I'm an atheist, personally, but to each his own.”

Code for 'we'll get along fine if you don't rub your faith in my face.'
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