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Paris nodded deeply, eyes closed.

"It's been a real anchor in my life. I'm very dedicated to my faith and I think it provides good guidance in people's lives, including mine. My mother and I are both very involved in the church. My..."

Paris looked downcast for the first time since entering the shop. In fact, it was a very unusual expression for the normally fairly chipper young man.

"My father was a kind of hedonistic sort, quite irresponsible. To me, that's the sort of thing that happens when you don't have the guidance of faith with you. You become susceptible to unsavory influences in life. There is a certain comfort in knowing that there is a plan for us. That is, if you are willing to devote your life to Him. That keeping on a path that is asking of you will lead to inner peace."

Paris fiddled with his cup for a moment before taking another sip and brightening back up again.

"It's very important to me, yes. Sorry that was so round about!" he said, seemingly waving away the temporary drop in spirit.

"And you?"
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