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"No trouble at all," Naomi said lightly. "If I hadn't wanted to be here, I would have refused. Politely, of course, but refused nonetheless." She smiled a little at his dramatics, but the next compliment he brought up made her wary again.

This was getting difficult. Paris was charming. Possibly one of the most polite, flattering boys her age that Naomi had ever met. She knew it was all flattery, but that didn't stop it from working. And she didn't mind it too much. The issue was that was the second time -- third if the mention of faith counted -- that he'd brought up the Bible in a completely irrelevant context. Yes, there was someone called Naomi in the Bible, but he could very well have left it out.

At the moment, it wasn't too intrusive. Naomi would be very pleased to see him again. But she had to know, before this went any further, what sort of religious man he was. If he was the sort to let others believe what they wanted to believe, that would be fine. Naomi personally thought religion was a silly thing to believe in, but she didn't begrudge those who did.

If he was like the sort that came to her door wanting to talk about Jesus, however... well, Naomi would just have to put her foot down. She had to know now, when it would be easiest to break things off if they were clearly heading in a terrible direction.

"It would be awkward, yes," Naomi murmured, tersely brushing off the compliment. "You bring up the Bible a lot. I assume you're very devout, then?" she added, before taking a sip of her coffee.
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