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He looked cheerful over the edge of his mug. Paris liked her thus far, and in fact, wanted to know more to make a more complete judgement.

"In any case, thanks so much for helping me out earlier. You're a real life saver, Naomi. And it seems so weird that we've never really talked much one on one. I hope you don't think I'm too annoying or forward. I imagine someone like you would have a lot of guys asking her out and it'd break my heart if I knew you were just too polite to turn me down," he said, clutching his heart and dramatically slumping. He popped back up and continued munching on a cookie with a smile.

"You're a lucky duck, though, you know? Naomi, it's a name from the Old Testament. It's Hebrew for beautiful. It'd be kind of awkward if you were given that name and turned out to be a aesthetically challenged," he said thoughtfully.
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