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While R.J. was lying face down, he could feel a part of his head throbbing. He was getting a little pissed about how all this stuff was knocking him down. And it didn't help that everybody else was acting like an idiot all of a sudden, and were only making things worse. Travis apparently can't keep his emotions in check, Mallory can't keep her goddamn mouth shut or her opinions to herself, Joey was out of his mind, there was some other chick who R.J. didn't know what she doing (but it was something dumb he presumed) and Claire, the only person besides Joey and Jaq he actually knew here, already left. And he got called Baby Ruth.

"This party sucks..."

R.J. also hated how he seemed he had to be the one to be Superman here, since everybody else was either incompetent or incapable. Maybe he didn't have any room to speak, but neither did anyone else. Even Jaq, who knew Karate of all things, didn't seem to want to completely stop him. Besides, even if she did, Travis was like the anorexic personification of Cocaine and he'd probably be broken like a stick. And now he wants to act like a tough guy by trying to beat up someone for an accident? R.J. got up yet again and went over to talk to this guy. Jaq already had her hand on his chest, stopping him as calmly as possible. R.J. stood next to the girl, only being a bit taller then the her.

"Hey, could you stop crying for a second and calm down? Everything is okay, see she's walking away..."

Maybe these weren't the best choice of words, but R.J. hoped they would be the ones to let Travis think about what he was doing.
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