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'Ello there, y'all! So, Maynard (and now Bella! Yay!) have been approved, but they're in need of a few friends and acquaintances and the like. Be friends with them and they'll give you looooove! c:

Maynard Hurst
is a quiet, anime-lovin' vegetarian bookworm who has a penchant for sonnet writing (heaven forbid if you ask to look at them) and calligraphy. Maynard's a generally amiable fellow and would probably befriend most if the hand of friendship is extended towards him. A member of both the Anime Club and Book Club, he would (duh) know the members of those groups. He hasn't been in any romantic relationships, but has harboured several crushes. Well. Lots. Lots 'n lots. Anyhow, any volunteers for Maynard's friendship (or other)? He'll give you love!


Timothy Abrams - Friend
Naomi Bell - Fellow Bookworm
Alexander de Gaulle - Fellow Otaku
Juhan Levandi - Friend
Joachim Lovelace - Friend
Carmina Maliksi - Fellow Otaku
Michael Mitchellson - Friend
Gwen O'Connor - Crush
Carlon Wheeler - Friend
Daniel Whitten - Close Friend
Hansel Williams - Fellow Animal Lover
Ian Williams - Friend
Takeshi Yoshikawa - Fellow Otaku

Mirabella "Bella" Strong
is an amiable schoolgirl who takes academia very seriously, and is a member of the school's writing club as well as debate and swim teams. She suffers from Generalised Anxiety Disorder and is medicated for it. Mirabella's skilled at several subjects, notably French, but Science is a stumbling block for her. If you like schoolwork or are just plain smart or nice, than Mirabella would love to be your friend! So, any takers?

Timothy Abrams - Friend
Naomi Bell - Friend
Megan Emerson - Friend
Alice Gilman - Science Tutor
Rachael Langdon - Friend
Juhan Levandi - Friend
Mallory McCormick - Acquaintances
Claire Monaghan - Friend
Venice Pennington-Johannes - Friend
Garrett Wilde - Boyfriend
Hansel Williams - Friend
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