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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Joey didn't exactly have much time to react to the bullets being shot at him. He was too focused on trying to strangle Maxie that he had completely forgotten about Cara. Many would have guessed that he had just assumed that Cara had run off ahead, but the truth of the matter was that Joey had simply forgotten about her. Even the sound of bullets being shot wasn't enough to get him to turn around because, again, he was way too focused on trying to kill Maxie that any other sounds other than his angered grunting were blocked completely. OF COURSE, it was rather hard to ignore a bullet blasting right through your back, as Joey was about to learn.

First he screamed. The gun didn't hurt as much as one would imagine, but it certainly wasn't a nice feeling. Mostly, it was all due to the shock the bullet caused. Had he been expecting the bullet to hit him, he probably wouldn't have screamed as loudly as he had. Next came the anger. Of course Joey would be mad. Someone had shot him! That was something no one would have wanted to happen to them. He turned around to look at who had shot him, slightly surprised to see Cara standing there with a Mauser. Lastly, surprisingly yet not too unfitting, came the crying. The sick, baby-like crying as he stared at Cara with the hatred he had built up minutes ago. Yes, Joey was an emotional mess.

"Y... You shot me."

Joey was the one who always pointed out the obvious at the most inopportune times.

"You shot me..."

He pushed Maxie away his hardest (which truthfully wasn't exactly hard enough to knock her off her feet), tears streaming from his eyes. He started to pant, like a little child, tears dripping inside of his mouth.

"You Shot Me! Why d-did you shoot me?!! I-I'll kill you, you bitch! You fucking bitch, I'll make you pay!"

What came next was unintentionally funny to the audience: Joey ran forward at her, his arms extended, rotating round and around in circles. It seemed impossible for him to look even more childish than he already was, but he certainly proved all of those thinking that wrong. Joey was a child, a spoiled brat through and through, and very stupid to boot. No one in their right mind would go charging at a gun wielding assailant head first, swinging their arms back and forth. Of course, Joey was out of his mind to begin with, so it made much more sense.

"I'll get you! I-I'll get you!" He cried, tears falling from all over.

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