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Naomi chuckled lightly at the joke about Scheherazade. Other than that, though, she quietly listened to Paris' explanation of the tale. She inwardly twitched at the word 'faith,' wary that he was about to bring it back to the Bible, but he didn't. At least for now. This sounded like a story about destiny and fate and such things, however. Naomi wasn't a fan of that, either. She didn't like the notion that she had no control over where she'd end up. If it were true, she might as well just lie down on the floor of the coffeehouse and slumber until life brought it to her.

"Yes. Comforting," she said lightly, trying not to give away that the idea made her rather uncomfortable.

She kept listening, nodding a little at his opinion. Personal happiness didn't matter much compared to the greater good of society, this was true. When Paris threw in a quick compliment, Naomi went very slightly pink and smiled wryly. She knew flattery when she heard it. ...Didn't mean it wasn't working, but at least she knew what it was.

"Optimism is fine if it makes sense. In that case, I don't feel that it did," Naomi said. She didn't continue beyond that point. Naomi sipped her coffee, and took a biscotti when Paris offered her one. "Thank you," she said, smiling politely back. As she nibbled on the biscotti, she wondered what would be a safe topic of discussion beyond books.
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