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Paris took another sip of his hot drink and nodded sagely. A barrista came by and set a plate of biscotti at the table. He picked up one of the thin cookies and took a bite out of the end.

"Very good," he beamed. "For someone who hasn't heard of it you know a little known fact," he said pointing to her with a wink. "There is a story in One Thousand and One Nights that has a similar structure to that presented in The Alchemist. It's very short in Arabian Nights though, the story is only about 7 pages long. I imagine it was one of the nights that Scheherazade was a little tuckered out," he said, amused at his own joke.

"It's a story of self discovery through a journey. Finding oneself through experiences and faith and eventually finding what you were meant to do. There's something very comforting and appealing in thinking that we all have a thing meant for us and that we'll find it."

He ran his long fingers around the outside of the smooth white surface of the plate the cookies were resting on. Looking a bit absent and lost in thought for a moment, tracing around and circling the middle of the plate.

"In the case of your young man if he wasn't happy being good, that's not really the concern of everyone else. If he wasn't going to be good and couldn't be happy being as one should, it seems fitting that he try to kill himself. Maybe it is a bit of a cop out for him to become good if your impression is that he couldn't be. A little cynicism is good for the blood, but only a little. I must admit that I didn't take you for someone to eschew an overly optimistic ending, but it's a twist that I like in you."

Paris held out one of the cookies to her. "Biscotti?"
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