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Naomi shrugged. "Maybe someone less monstrous would have done better. But seeing as the treatment only failed to stick after the main character had attempted suicide, I very much doubt he was happier being 'good.' Of course, he stops his psychopathic ways in the final chapter of the original, but I never liked that chapter. It was too sudden and optimistic compared to the tone of the rest of the book. They don't even include it in the American version, nor the film."

And off she went again. Why did she have to bring a book she could talk about at length? Maybe a terrible romance novel would have been better, after all. ...No, her dignity couldn't have suffered that blow.

But she was feeling fairly comfortable right now, or else she wouldn't be slipping into rambling so easily. And then he just had to bring up the Bible. Not in a way that suggested he was about to talk about it, but still. Naomi did not want to go near that conversation. She didn't mind other people believing in it. But she also didn't want to give away the fact that she was an extremely stubborn atheist.

Naomi sat up a little straighter, moving her coffee mug to the side. She quickly zoomed in on the part of the conversation that wasn't connected to the Bible at all.

"The Alchemist, hm? I've heard of it, but I have yet to read it. I hear it's rather similar to one of the tales from 'One Thousand and One Nights,' isn't it?"

Naomi watched to see if he'd notice she was trying to avoid talk on religion. She couldn't pick up much from him, which was unusual. The few boys she'd gone this far with had been more obvious in intent. Paris was subtle and polite, but beyond that wasn't giving away anything. Naomi wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not.
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