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"No, I haven't been here long at all." It was a lie. Naomi had gotten there half an hour early just to make sure that she didn't keep him waiting. She disliked keeping people waiting, it made her feel sluggish even if she was on time. She returned the smile, taking care not to giggle or avert her eyes in a nervous manner or anything that would ruin her dignity.

She raised an eyebrow slightly when he said he didn't know what the book was about. How could he not know at all? It was an iconic piece of literature, he must have at least seen mentions or homages to it. Still, she supposed it was preferable to admit ignorance of a topic than to try and bluff through it. Naomi wrinkled her nose for a moment, thinking over the best way to explain it.

"You likely would have at least seen a homage... it's about a teenager who is eventually arrested for his horrific crimes, and they try injecting him with medicine that makes him ill while showing him footage of the crimes he used to enjoy, so that he gets ill whenever he even thinks of doing bad. Then they release him back into society, but of course society wouldn't accept him because he was still the same kid that tormented otheers for the fun of it, and even though he was forced to behave through psychological blocks, he was still a horrible person inside. There's a lot that can be taken from it, really."

It was about that point that Naomi realised he'd done the same trick that she often did on others. Show brief interest in a subject that she didn't know or care about, and the other person would plow on ahead, babble for several minutes and then come off with the impression that the other person was easy to talk to because they didn't tell the babbler that they were being dull.

Was she being dull? Of course not, but others might not perceive it that way. It depended on interests and intelligence. Maybe Paris really was interested, but... well, she couldn't know for sure, without hearing his opinion on classic literature. Well, at least she'd realised that she was dangerously close to going on a sermon about the qualities and flaws of classic literature.

"Do you read much? A Clockwork Orange is only one book out of billions," Naomi said, picking up her coffee as she spoke.
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