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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Joey gave Cara a confused look. "U-Uhh... didn't you just say that we were going to meet up at the cottage?"


Tegan Bianco?

Joey heard that name before. A name with a face? No, but he has heard that name before. As he was gaining closer towards Cara, he remembered that Cara was friends with alot of people at Southridge. That was very unusual, Joey was more popular than her and he certainly couldn't say that. Joey could name alot of people that hated him as though he were the scum of the earth. Shouldn't everyone hate her? She was being a bitch to him, HIM, Joey McHaimond. There, in fact, shouldn't everyone hate her. This sick logic actually made sense inside of Joey's even more sick mind and he wanted to laugh. That is, if he didn't remember that Tegan Bianco offed herself on the first day. Finding this out... it made Joey mad, and he made sure that Cara knew this too.

"You. Lying. BITCH." Joey growled loudly, walking even faster. "You're trying tah get rid of me! Tegan killed herself, she ain't around anymore! You're trying to get away from me! I told yah that I'm okay, that I'm calm! There's nothing to be afraid of!" ... of course, this would have made sense if he wasn't yelling at Cara, and lurching forward like a serial killer. Then, as though by magic, his voice transformed once again into a gentle one. "Trust me, you're okay. Haha. Stop being so afraid Cara."

He reached a hand out towards her. "Trust me..."

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