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Fear began to slowly sweep through Cara. Joey just wasn’t right anymore. He had changed from how he was back in school. The way he was acting was giving off some really bad vibes... vibes that spoke to her very soul and told her to run. Sure it sounded good in her mind, but just up and running would most likely set Joey off. She’d have to try and make herself seem extremely inconspicuous, which would provide her with the opportunity to escape.

“Yeah,” Cara started, “Calm is the way to go. You can’t think straight if you’re freakin’ out.”

Cara’s uncomfort raised when she caught Joey eyeing here up. Things were really starting to get out of control now. As she began to panic, Cara caught a glance at Courtney again. After suppressing the urge to vomit, she began to think clearly again. She didn’t want to end up like Courtney, there’s no way she would let that happen.

“… Hey Joey?” Cara’s fear was rising yet again, “Will you meet me at the cottage?” Her mind instantly went to a place on the map she remembered seeing. “I have to go find someone first and then we’ll meet you there. It’d be to dangerous for three of us to travel together.”

That’s it. She’s make Joey go on a wild goose chase and hopefully never meet up with him again.

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