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Paris walked into the coffee shop at a leisurely pace, bobbing his head to some music he was listening too. There seemed to be something rhythmic about the very act of walking as he strolled. One foot in front of the other with his hands in his pockets and stylish sunglasses making it impossible to see where he was looking. He was wearing a plain maroon t-shirt and a fitted black jacket with straight-legged jeans.

He was there to meet Naomi. He'd been confused over a problem in math and she so graciously was willing to help him. He liked talking with her, she seemed to be intelligent and had interesting things to say as well as being pleasing to the eye so he decided to invite her to talk more over coffee. He saw her sitting in the café reading. She was studious. He liked that.

Paris smoothly slid into the seat opposite of her and pushed his sunglasses.

"Hello, Naomi."
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