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Arthur shifted his lips to the left when he heard Rachael's reasoning for politely denying his help in drawing her character. He got what she was saying, since he was an amateur writer himself, with a decent amount of characters that he'd commissioned drawings of over the internet. Sometimes he got concerned about the accuracy of these depictions, since the artist had never heard of the character in question before and thus wouldn't know how to make them act unless Arthur told them. Sometimes it worked out, and sometimes it didn't. If Rachael wanted a better way of showing him who this Lady Rhiannon was, so be it.

That said, he was starting to feel a bit of an artist's block coming on, and thus he was always on the lookout for new drawing subjects. Who knew if he'd even remember who Lady Rhiannon was in a week, let alone that he wanted to draw her. If only he'd brought some kind of notepad or...

Arthur looked up at the sound of the bell, then back down at the sketchbook. "Okay, shoot. Gotta go, see you later." He quickly wrote "ask Rachael to draw Lady Rhiannon" on the edge of the page and slammed the book shut.

Right as he slung his backpack on and started to run out, he looked back over at Yaz. Now that he thought about it, he kind of monopolized the whole conversation. He did know Rachael quite a bit more than Yaz, and was more comfortable talking to her, but that was no excuse to ignore her as much as he did. "Sorry about that, Yaz. We can talk later, right?" He started walking away before Yaz could answer him.

((Arthur Wells continued elsewhere))
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