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do you want to go to war, balakay?
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As Julie walked out the door, Adam mumbled a wish of good luck after her. She would undoubtedly need it - if his calculations were correct, most people who heard the announcement who were playing the game would try and intercept her. If she was dead, and the allotted time expired, then the danger zone would be open to whomever would want to go and pick up whatever wonderful weapon or prize she'd managed to earn. Scowling at the thought, Adam turned around and began to poke through the remnants of the barracks building. There wasn't a whole hell of a lot left over from when the place had been populated by whatever military had once been here, but it wasn't any harm to try.

Who knows, I might find something fun in amongst all of this crap. Like a first-aid kit, a weapon of sorts...maybe a knife, a gun...hell, I'd go for a sharp stick at this point, really. The more, the merrier, right?

As he was checking in the small containers that seemed to be beside each bed, Adam heard the noise of something bouncing, like a hard ball, off the floor near to the door. Perplexed, he turned around, pistol in one hand, pack in the other, about to bend over to grab what looked to be a first aid kit out of one of the boxes. As he saw the object bounce and land a foot in front of him, the blood drained from his face, and the voice inisde of his head started to scream at him, really loud.

It was a grenade, and it had seemed to misplace it's pin.

Eyes widening, Adam's instincts and former experience in SOTF were likely the only things that saved him. Surprised enough to let out a startled exclaimation, Adam didn't consciously act, but rather let his body do all of the moving.


While a Simpsons quote was likely the strangest thing to come out of his mouth in the last little while and also probably the most unexpected, as soon as he said it, he was bouncing back towards the back window, which was his only way out now. He might not even make that, but he knew that no matter what, he had to try.

Gotta be like Steven-motherfuckin'-Segal; Hard to Kill!

Not even wasting any time, as he neared the last cot that was beside the back window, Adam jumped up on the cot, and, clutching both pack and pistol close to his chest, he sent himself hurtling towards the window, hoping to hell that he didn't miss. If he missed, he was dead.

Of course, luck (once again) seemed to be on his side, and Adam shut his eyes and threw his hands up to protect his face as he felt the glass shatter as the force of his weight sent him through the old window. Feeling the broken glass cutting into his side and arms, Adam ducked down and tried to land in a roll as he sent himself through the window. This, of course, was unsuccessful, and he ended up falling right on his hands and head, whacking his face against the ground.

This was followed seconds later (or even seconds before) by an explosion inside of the building. As he felt the heat blast through the open window, and the loud bang essentially cutting off much of his hearing, he was knocked silly by the concussive force of the explosion, getting thrown back to the ground as he tried to drag himself up. For a moment, he blacked out.


Forcing himself back into his body, Adam groaned and tried to pull himself up, feeling the heat from the scorching building. All that he could hear was a loud ringing in his ears, and his vision was blurry. Leaving his pack on the ground, Adam tried to stagger to his feet, only half-successfully, as he checked that he still had his pistol. He did, and for this, he was eternally thankful. Without it, or with that knife, he'd have been a sitting duck. Shaking his head again, Adam rubbed his eyes, trying to force away the blurriness of what was very possibly a concussion. Things came into a slightly better focus, and Adam knew that it was all he was probably going to get.

"Son of a bitch..."

He managed to spit out the explitive in a raspy voice, feeling the blood coming from his one good ear, and running down his neck. It only made him more aware to the fact that life or death had returned, and this time it was out for blood.

Only time for so much deux ex machina this time around, Doddy...

Taking the pistol in his hand, Adam unthumbed the safety and peeked around the corner of the building. He saw one, or was it two figures, one standing; likely the one who'd tossed the grenade, and the other...

Hey, it's that fuckin' Gabriel kid, who I pushed off the ravine. I'd bet he's REAL happy to see me. Well, fuck these guys. I don't plan on dying so easily!

In a crouch with his ears still ringing, Adam aimed his pistol in the direction of his two attackers, and squeezed the trigger. They were virtually lined up, Gabriel coming up from behind the other, but that didn't really matter to Adam. Right here, right now? Everyone was a threat, and he'd shoot whatever was moving. Body shifting into survival mode, he fired two shots to where the girl was standing, and then shifted slightly and fired two more shots, hoping to hit Gabriel.

Best case scenario? I take 'em both down and get the HELL outta here!

"C'mon...y...y'don't fuck with the Jedi Master, bitches..."

Adam was woozy, and he hoped that whatever confrontation would be had here would end sooner, rather than later - he didn't know how long he could keep himself going. Mentally, he was fine...but if his body shut down on him, he didn't have much choice in the matter, now did he?

((That's it for the night, guys. I'm essaying now. Also I'd appreciate if not everyone rushed in at once too, being as I'm gonna be away))
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