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Julie simply stood there, pausing by the doorway as Adam spoke. She listened in silence, taking in his words while still not quite looking back at him. Looking more preoccupied than ever, Julie bit her lip somewhat, adjusting the grip on her daypack.

He was right. Everyone had their secrets. But to be honest, Julie didn't care if she was being judged for her past or not. She wasn't afraid of that. In reality, what she was most afraid of was telling her story, all of it, and not being understood when there was nothing left to be said.

To be honest, it was something Julie had been deliberating on for a while. Telling Adam everything, that is. If she told him, would he understand? How could he? That was what she had been thinking at first. But time and time again, he was always there to remind her that he was a survivor of events best left forgotten, someone who had seen more than most. Experience tended to give a person a special insight on various things, and Julie knew Adam had experienced more than she had ever done.

Maybe she had judged him too soon? Too quickly?

Slowly, her head turned to look towards him. She stepped back from the door way a bit to face him fully, tilting her head to the side a bit, a thoughtful expression on her face. As she looked at him, a clumsy silence stretched out...

And then she shrugged, smiling a bit. "Well, for all your self-declared 'creepiness', I can't imagine that you're worse company than say...some freak of a guy who shoves lit firecrackers down other people's throats." She looked away with a somewhat awkward smile as she rubbed the back of her head. "Well, I don't mind us sticking by eachother, it's a lot better than having to neck it out alone, I think. And you're not creepy. Disturbed? Probably. Bitter and snarky? Absolutely. But creepy?"

She shrugged and shook her head, smiling fully this time, something she couldn't remember doing before. "Nah. Not at all."

Julie's smile faded somewhat as she looked away, reminded of the secret that she had been deliberating on telling him. "Well..." Her voice grew quiet. "...I suppose you ought to know, if we ARE to team up like this. I know you're probably curious, but I don't know just yet. It's complicated. I...I suppose I could tell you everything....but later, not now."

She placed her hand against the doorway as she turned to leave again. "But yeah, I'm coming back, don't worry. I won't be long, and I'll be just fine. Honest. And I'd appreciate it if you're willing to wait for me, too..."

At surprise towards his latter comment, she looked towards the knife he'd given her, and smiled somewhat. "Heh, well. I try. Honest to God I do. But I'll be back with that present waiting for me and then we'll see who got the better end of the deal."

She gazed towards the outside, taking a deep breath. She ought to move quickly, for Adam's sake and her own.

"Well...I'm taking off now. Wish me safe travels."

It was a bit overcast, and chilly to be honest. Draping her trenchcoat over her shoulders, she gave Adam one last wave before heading out onto the road that lead away from the barracks, retracing the steps she and Adam had taken to get here, through the jungle, back towards the swinging bridge.

((Continued at The Swinging Bridge))
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