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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Oh, not much!", Cody replied as steadily as he could. He positioned himself on the bench in a way that naturally allowed him to face away from Ethan, as not to give away the true culprit of the clothing heist. "Just, uh... bunch of people getting into showers. Shit man, what the hell did you think you were going to miss?"

"Oh, and right," Cody said off-handedly to Miles, even if it was a few seconds late in its delivery. "Yeah, I'm up for hitting the diner with the guys. Fuck knows I'm hungry after a game like that. You think they still do the sampler of the jalapeno poppers with the deep-fried cheese?"

The very thought of something as heart-attack inducing as mozzarella sticks induced some growling from Cody's stomach. After all the calories he had burned in this game, he deserved something of a reward.

"What about you, Ethan?" Cody asked, attempting to hide the smirk on his face as he craned his neck to face the other boy. "You down with us for going?"

He quickly turned back.
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The locker room. A place of blood, mud, sweat and hijinks. · Memories (The Past)