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Julie smiled with a sort of grim, morbid humour. "Oh yeah, I do realize that. Don't think that I haven't. Who knows. Maybe in the end, I might be the one who ends up betraying you," Her smile faded somewhat as she took the knife, unsheathing it, resheathing it, again and again to get a feel for wielding it.

"Then again, you're the one with the gun now, so that might not be the wisest of ideas at the moment." Seeing Adam hop into one of the cots, Julie sat back down on the one she was at, bringing her feet up and crossing them together. She hugged her knees a bit, looking at the knife in her hand.

"Sleep...will probably do better for our sanity, I think," she looked outside towards the darkening sky. Julie herself wasn't all too sure if she could sleep easily tonight. How many people in the world could sleep soundly knowing that they'd killed someone earlier in the day? Only one completely devoid of emotion, and Julie knew that she wasn't that type of person.

Maybe I'd be stronger if I didn't feel so much, she thought. To her surprise, she began to yawn, eyes beginning to cloud over as exhaustion and the day's end started to have an effect. ...Then again, my emotions are what lead me, enabling me to follow him even this far. Maybe my emotions are what keep me alive, as well.

Her body soon started to feel numb as sleep took over. Dropping her head against her knees, she leaned against the wall and drifted off.


Daylight was just beginning to break in the murky sky as Julie lifted her head, blearily opening her eyes. The knife was still in her hand when she awoke.

Regardless of the trauma that had resulted from the murder she had committed, she had a mercifully dreamless sleep.

She was too anxious to dream.

Julie blinked somewhat, running her hands through her coppery hair as she sat up on the cot where she had fallen asleep. Looking off towards Adam, she smiled somewhat sheepishly.

"...I dozed off, didn't I?"

Her sleepy, half-dazed expression suddenly sharpened and became alert as a familiar sound resonated across the island at the breaking of dawn. Wide-awake, she stood up, hand suddenly tightening against the folded switchblade in her hand as that all-too-familiar voice filled her ears, feeding the hatred and anger that for a while had been dormant inside her. Now it rekindled again, and seethed.

That Danya... "The second announcement..." She murmured, with a cold hiss, falling into a hush as that hideously cheerful voice seemed to fill the air outside.

As she listened, Julie's eyes widened.

"....Twenty dead...."

She nearly dropped the knife. So many...so many were dead, all within the span of a mere day. Julie fell into a stunned silence, nearly forgetting herself before she snapped back to reality, and grabbed the notebook that lay on the cot beside her.

Julie continued her list of names...not of the dead, but of the killers, underlying those she had already written. Gabriel Theobaldt was one of them. Nathanial Harris was another.

And she...Julie's own name was there, the tale of her crime told to all the world. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, trying to block out the sound of Danya's mocking voice. All the while, her fury stirred.

Laugh now, you bastard. Unlike Owen, killing you won't be a mistake.

Some of the same names were repeated over and over again. Gabriel Theobaldt...and Nathanial Harris. Julie's frown deepened into a severe expression. As a slight bead of sweat rolled down her face, she bit her thumb and concentrated in deep thought. Who the hell was this "Nathanial Harris"?! He was clearly a killer with more than just borderline sadistic intent, yet why had Julie never heard that name in school, ever?! This person... Julie was on the verge of just going out there to hunt him down and put an end to it. Whoever he was, he was simply a worthless, inhumane beast who deserved nothing more than to be put down like an animal.

She shook her head as the rest of the names were called out, lowering the pen.

"....Twenty of them..." She said simply. "That's enough to fill a classroom...enough to fill a classroom with people I know, people I talk to from time to time. Even the people who I never talk to but still see every day, while walking through the hallways to get to my class..."

It felt somehow surreal, looking at the death of twenty people from that sort of perspective...

Julie fell out of her state of numb shock, surprised as her name was mentioned yet again...

That casual remark that came from Danya as he made mention of her was enough to agitate her loathing to a new level. Her grey-green eyes turned as cold as lead as they sharpened suddenly towards a camera hanging above the door, the lens zooming in and out, following their every movements. Her hands whipped towards a steel floor-sweeper hanging by the door.

Find yourself some different material to keep up your freakish masturbation, you bastard. Julie thought to herself as she swung the metal shaft of the sweeper towards the camera, felling it in a single swoop. It fell in a crash against the floor, zoom lens shattering, shell bursting apart and wires crackling slightly where the camera had been ripped away from the wall.

Still clutching the sweeper, Julie breathed in heavily, staring at the ruined camera lying on the floor.

After a while, her breathing slowed... and she calmed down completely.

Tossing the sweeper to the side, where it fell with a clatter, she ran her fingers though her hair again, brushing away a bit of the sweat on her face as she did so. Reaching to her bag and uncapping a bottle of water, she gulped down its contents, and sighed contentedly when she was finished.

Looking towards Adam with a cool, neutral expression on her face, she remarked calmly, "You know something? I feel quite better now."

The plastic bottle crumpled in her hand, she tossed into the wastebasket sitting at the corner. Striding back over to the cot, she took her trenchcoat and her bag, tying the former around her waist and slinging the latter over her shoulder.

"Well, I'm off to pick up the present that the fucker left for me... I don't suppose you'll want to follow me into a danger zone, huh? I'll be back though..." She took the knife in her hand, turning her back and starting to leave.

She stopped part way through the door, though not quite looking back.

"So what do you think of me now after that little relevation?" She asked him. Her expression was indiscernable from this position. "I don't care what you think, because it'll probably be far from the actual truth. Then again, you should know by now that the true story is a bit more complicated than whatever hints that bastard dropped in that announcement."
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