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As Julie entered the building and began to attend to her wound, Adam quickly entered through the door after her, closing it as he came through. The windows in the small barracks building weren't large, but they'd be useful enough to tell if anyone was coming. And while it was all well and good that Julie was no longer trying to kill him, that didn't mean that they were out of danger. Far from it. In fact, they wouldn't be out of danger for the rest of their time on the island, from the time they'd got here to the time that they either won or died.

It's a hell of a grim thought, and something I don't really want to think about, but...fuck, could I really pull this fuckin' thing off again?

As he glimpsed out the window, looking into the distance, he shook his head to himself. That possibility in itself was insanely doubtful. Insane in that he'd have to be crazy to even believe a bit that he'd be able to do it again. Getting through Survival of the Fittest once had been essentially a miracle, and had been something that almost completely destroyed him. To try and go through it again? Adam couldn't even begin to fathom what he'd be like after coming out the second time around.

Though...fuck, it's not like I'm just gonna lie down and die...that'd be completely against my nature...

As Julie broke the uneasy silence, Adam sat down on one of the beds that was close to the window, so that in case anyone came into the area, he'd be able to see them. As she spoke, Adam noticed a tension that seemed to come across her, almost as though she wasn't sure how to react, how to act. This, of course, was yet another thing about the situation which didn't surprise him. It was beginning to become repeditive, really. The whole 'murder' thing really put one's head through the ringer, and not to mention the fact that Adam was supposed to be this deranged, antisocial lunatic (at least, to most of the populace of Southridge). Her conversation sounded slightly forced, but reminded him a bit of his own forced conversation back at the cottage, when he'd noticed that both Hawley and Alan were running on the same wavelength, something that he felt threatened by. He'd forced up the topic of who they'd kill if they could - and as wrong as it felt to ask the question then, he knew that if he hadn't, he probably would have ended up in a ditch somewhere once he'd outlived his usefulness.

I can't blame her, but at least she's trying to talk. I mean, it could be worse, she could be aiming something at my head.

As he listened to her speak, Adam found that she had a few good questions and some better points. Of course, Danya's sarcastic humour and distortion of facts was nothing new to him, so at the very least, he could belay some of the paranoia that she likely felt about the whole thing.

"That's not unusual for Danya. He likes to play silly little games all the time. Odds are that a lot of those kills were either self-defense or a lot more circumstantial than Danya made them sound. The problem is, his announcements are basically the only way that we have any kind of an idea of who's playing, and who isn't."

Adam looked out the window again, deciding that for as long as they stayed, he'd need to do this every few minutes.

"I can tell you this for sure. That Asian kid from back at the bridge? That guy's playing. Gabriel...that big tall kid who's got the limp or whatever? Scary looking kind of guy? He's playing. Uhh...Paul Smith, I think is his name? Rock star dude? That guy's basically playing too. I ran into him in this storehouse, talked some shit to him, and he attacked me. Which, isn't to say that he wasn't ready to shoot me anyways."

Adam grinned a bit as he shook his head in what could only be described as chagrinned disbelief.

"In case you haven't noticed, that's basically my defense mechanism for everything. I get pissed? I start talking shit. I get angry? Same deal. Fuck, when I'm happy I still swear like it's going out of style. And somehow, I've found that when people're pointing guns at me, I tend to talk a whole lot of shit to them, and it always somehow manages to get me out of it...as you well know..."

Pausing a bit, the smile disappeared.

"...uh, sorry about that, by the way. I, ahh...I know a lot of what I said was really meanspirited and probably...wasn't the nicest bunch of things a person could've said to you. I was doing real well on not becoming a bitter little bastard, but this whole thing kinda set me back a little. So, uh...sorry."

At the awkward apology, Adam knew that he really didn't owe the girl anything of the sort. She'd pointed a gun at his head, and what else could he have done? He did what he had to and managed not to get shot...by her. At this he was suddenly reminded of his slightly aching chest, the bruises a reminder of how things didn't always come up as well as he'd hope they could. At her question about Nathanial Harris, Adam just shrugged.

"Him? I don't have a fuckin' clue. But...I mean, really. How many people in the school do I actually chum around with? I probably know the names of like...maybe ten people, if you exclude the members of the hockey team. So...I wouldn't know him to see him, really. Fact, I'm really just guessing on the fact that your name is Julie. It...it is, right? Be a little embarrassing if it wasn't."

Adam grinned again, hoping to break some of the tension that held over them still. A lot of it was an act, and Adam knew that he was as transparent as she was, but the effort was there, and this was socially as well as he'd been doing in terms with interacting with different people since he'd started hanging around with Izzy.

God, I hope she's okay. I hope she's either keeping a low profile, or got herself with a good group of people who'll keep her safe. I fuckin' refuse to believe that she started playing, and attacked that guy. There's no way in hell. If she's with that Keith Jackson guy...if that's who I think it is, then when I find her, it might be a bit of a problem. That guy's not exactly my biggest fan, but fuck...who cares. I won't be tryin' to shoot at 'em, so what'll it matter?

Adam blinked.

...well, unless they shoot at me first.

At the ghost comment, Adam couldn't help but blink in surprise, and stare at Julie as though she'd grown a third nose.

"A ghost?" Adam sighed slightly and looked at the ground. "Maybe. That's the thing about Survival of the Fittest. You're bound to find all kinds of stuff here. Love, loss...friendship and comraderie, pain and suffering...joy and despair. Death, and destruction. So have I seen a ghost?"

Adam paused, and considered it himself for a moment.

"Maybe. On this island? Fuck, anything's possible. Time'll tell, I suppose."

Snapping himself out of his cryptic state of mind, he looked at Julie bandaging her knee, and figured that it couldn't hurt to ask her what he'd been wondering about since they'd gotten here.

"Oh, right...I've got a question for you. Do you know who Izzy Cheung is? And if so, have you seen her, or run into her? She's one of the few people in this school that I actually cared to know, so...um. Yeah. I may have mentioned her before, but like...things were slightly more heated."

Glancing back at her knee, Adam gestured to it.

"Knee okay? You took one especially nasty fall into a stump, I was, uh...kinda worried that you might have sprained something."
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