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And that is a wrap. It feels strange, sitting here at the end of a version of SOTF. In a way, the close of V4 lets me finally feel like I'm not a newbie anymore. My first version is now in the past.

While I have everyone's attention, though, I'd like to take a moment to say some things. First off, a huge thank you to everyone who powered through the epilogue. I know it's rather hefty. I hope you've enjoyed it, and if you've got any feedback, you can always feel free to share it in the thread about endgame and the epilogue, or by PM, or whatever. I know parts of it probably aren't everyone's cup of tea, and that's totally cool.

Next, and more importantly, I've got a few more specific thanks to hand out. These are in largely random order, and some people will be on here more than once. I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of super awesome people I owe thanks as well, and for that I apologize. All of these people have my major gratitude, though:

Thank you to my proofreaders and editors, Elena, James, The Burned Handler, and Rose. You guys helped me slap the first section of the epilogue into much, much better shape than it would have otherwise been. Thanks also to Mimi, for some pretty great help on a specific tricky bit.

Thank you to my collaborators/the creators of the characters featured in the epilogue, Elena, Geno, Greg, Inky, Little Boy, Ricky, Rocky, Rose, Ruggahissy, Solitair, TDS, and Tre. You guys were a blast to write with, and helped make this epilogue something I feel good about. Back when I was still proposing my ideas, I said I wanted V4's ending to be about more than the winner, and you guys really made that happen.

Thank you to the finalists, Ricky, Rocky, Rose, and TDS. You guys were a joy to work with, and the planning process was one of the most harmonious and pleasant bits of preparation I've been involved with in my time on SOTF.

Thank you to D/N, for making this post. The sage wisdom contained therein was something that really helped shape my writing on SOTF, and the philosophies you espoused helped me succeed on the site. It stuck in my memory for years, and I think it's still one of the best bits of advice for new folks.

Thank you to Grim_Wolf, for being a cool fellow, and for being so incredibly cool with several of my less-than-shining moments on staff. Also, you toned down Raidon's profile of your own free will, and you threw a character to the terrorists for the sake of the story. That deserves some pretty major commendation.

Thank you to Elena, for being awesome, and also for going, "Can I PM you? I think Kris is about to do something you might not want her to do."

Thank you to Ciel and storyspoiler, for bailing me out twice in V4. You guys are both rocking people and writers. Both of your work inspires me to aim for the very high bar you've set. That you enjoyed my stuff enough to lend me a hand is truly flattering. I would not have ended up writing this epilogue without you.

Thank you to Ricky and Rose, for being awesome writing partners and friends from near the start of V4. Can you believe we all wrote that silly chess thread together?

Thank you to Ricky for shouting BBBBRRRROOOOTTTHHHHEEERRRRR! every time I come into chat.

Thank you to Rose for actually, yes, referencing that Face. That my crazy free-association was right is something that still amazes me to this day, and I knew you rocked from the moment I found out about it.

Thank you to Aaron, for being an awesome staffer and friend, and for being something of a mentor when I first joined the site. I don't know if you remember giving it, but I still use some of your writing advice today.

Thank you to Jonny (aka Balthazar), for endless hours of LARP and writing discussions, and for being so awesome in every way. Also for not embarrassing me terribly when it was discovered you were in the same RL club as one of my high school buddies. It's a very small world sometimes.

Thank you to Mimi, for chatting about stuff at great length and for being one of the first people to really latch onto one of my characters and make me think I could do something special.

Thank you to Tre for helping me stay sane with staff stuff, and for always being there for advice when I so desperately need it.

Thank you to penguin_alien for being such an involved, longtime reader of SOTF stuff. Not everyone has to write characters to make a really positive impact on the site.

Thank you to Aaron, Cyco, and James, for writing Trish, James Brown, and Dani respectively in V3. I think I tell this story too much as is, but it was your high quality writing that got me to get serious about SOTF.

Thank you to Dodd, Cyco, and Dan for paving the way with your work on the epilogues of V1-3. I borrowed a lot of your sets, and I read each of your winners. It was awesome work from all of you. Trying to live up to that was kinda nerve-wracking at times. Special thanks to Dan for excellent advice when I was just starting on this.

Thank you to Theseus, for writing Lenny. It wouldn't be an OOC post from me if I didn't include a note about just how awesome I think Lenny is. Actually, Kimberly ended up with more than a couple things I think I may have subconsciously picked up from him.

Thank you to Cyco, for somehow coming up with all the earth-shattering revelations I have about SOTF years before I even joined the site. I poke through the archives from time to time, and always discover that you were way ahead of me.

Thank you to Pigeon Army, for being a great writer and for giving my some situations to react to that I'd never anticipated. You helped make the game special for me, and I hope you stop by again sometimes, even if just to say hi.

Thank you to Tythanin, who invited me to the first real thread I understood and enjoyed. It was a large part of what got me to stick around.

Thank you to Rattlesnake for being an awesome writing partner and also for the absolute best Hero request ever. That it did not yield fruit is one of the many mysteries that will always baffle me.

Thank you to Fioriboy, for being one of the best sports ever about criticism. We may not always have the same taste in writing or rules, but, man, I have mad respect for you.

Thank you to everyone who created characters I borrowed while dealing with the terrorists in the epilogue. I'm pretty sure Bukowski created Greynolds. Elena refined him, and created Richards and Baines. Sonia is Megami's (I think). Also, thanks to The Burned Handler for offering Wilson should the situation arise in which he'd've made sense.

Thank you to everyone who I've stolen writing tricks from. I'm not gonna list 'em (it'd be too long and probably embarrassing), but, yeah, SOTF has done wonders for my writing abilities.

Thank you to all the SOTFers who introduced me to music I ended up being really into. I'm probably missing some, but right now I know Stef introduced me to the Fleet Foxes, Mimi introduced me to the Killers and fun., Dan introduced me to The Gaslight Anthem, Inky introduced me to Imogen Heap, James introduced me to The Decemberists, Tre reintroduced me to Nickel Creek, and Keaka introduced me to MGMT.

Thank you to everyone who's participated in the Read-A-Thon or has filled out some Plastic Hammers. It's awesome to know that people are actually reading and sharing in this big crazy story we have.

Thank you to Irene for tolerating me working on this stuff so obsessively. I love you, and you rock.

Finally, thank you to every handler, active and past, who contributed to V4 in any fashion. Whether you were there from the first day of pregame to the final half dozen, or whether you wrote in pregame for a few months and then lost interest, or whether you wrote a profile and never posted and had your character killed or adopted, it doesn't matter. Whether I loved your writing or wasn't a big fan of your character, it doesn't matter. V4 was what it was thanks to all of you. Guys, this version, it's something really special, and it's not because of anything any one writer did.

I think that's it. See you in V5. :)
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