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Early Spring, 2008

People are laughing, bustling around, getting drunk. It's a party. Justin Corrigan's? Alex Campbell's? One of the myriad other parties from Kimberly's past? Who the fuck knows? She is not dancing, because the music they are playing is not cool. It's modern, meaning it's basically trash, catchy beat or no. The singer is rapping, which means the whole thing's probably misogynistic to boot. Kimberly has no tolerance for music younger than her, and has very little respect for bands founded after the seventies.

She does not have a date. She does not want a date. She's already told a guy who got into her personal space to go fuck himself if he's that desperate, and now she's getting a wide berth from everyone else. This should be fun, but it isn't. Nobody cool is here.

She's put up enough barriers that now she's casting a pall on the proceedings. She's been acting up because acting up is her image, only it really isn't so fun when there's nobody around to enjoy it with. Fighting the world is no good at all alone.

So, after a while, she wanders into a corner and loosens up a little. She tries to dance to a song that isn't quite as bad, and she stumbles a lot because her stockings are slippery on the hardwood floor, but she can laugh at herself a little bit. That makes things just that tiniest hint more fun.

Overall, the party isn't good. She doesn't make any new friends. She gets in a huge argument when the same boy tries to dance with her without permission. The evening is mediocre at best. Still, for a few minutes, it's enjoyable. She doesn't know what to make of that at all.
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